Terms and Conditions

for use of the website www.apartmentservice.com
‘Customer’ shall mean any visitor viewing and utilizing the information and/or services provided on www.apartmentservice.com to source or secure serviced accommodation. ‘Provider’ means any persons, company or agent adding and offering property information, availability and/or details on the website including any details of rates, taxes, descriptions, images, videos and other information provided with the intention to attract rentals or ‘Reservation’ sales at their property. ‘TAS’ or ‘The Apartment Service’ are the trading names of Roomspace Limited, a company registered in the UK whose registered office address is at 5-6 Francis Grove, London SW19 4DT, England, UK. TAS provides details and information of extended stay hotels, apart-hotels, corporate housing services and serviced apartments for use by customers. TAS operates the website at www.apartmentservice.com ‘Reservation’ is an agreement between the Customer and the Provider to purchase and for the provision of temporary accommodation on terms specified. Acknowledgement of any online transaction is made by TAS to both the Provider and Customer by e-mail specifying agreed terms and full details of the Reservation. ‘Reservation Confirmation’ is a formal notice from TAS of a rental agreement stating the Providers terms and conditions applicable to the rental agreement.
Terms of Use
TAS acts solely as a property marketing and booking agent. Any agreement to use accommodation or other services offered and published online at www.apartmentservice.com is made between the Provider and the Customer by accepting the terms of the Provider. The information and data presented within www.apartmentservice.com is made available for information purposes only and is also offered free of charge to Customers unless where specifically stated. Information is kept by the Provider or the provider’s agent on www.apartmentservice.com through online access and although the information provided is routinely checked by TAS for consistency and to quality control information, TAS does not make any representation to the accuracy or currency of the information, and cannot accept liability for errors or omissions made by the Provider or any agent on his behalf. TAS, however, maintains an audit trail of listing changes made by Providers and will assist the Customer and Provider in resolving any reservation disputes regarding the quality or accuracy of any information provided. Information specified in any ‘Reservation Confirmation’ is taken from the current online information provided at the time by both the Provider and the Customer and will be deemed to be true, accurate and correct. The Provider and the Customer both agree to abide by any rates, terms or conditions agreed and noted at the time of the reservation process taking place. Reservation Confirmations of all transaction details will automatically be made by TAS by electronic e-mail advice as soon as the Reservation has been completed and any discrepancies found in the advice should brought to the attention of TAS as soon as possible. TAS will acknowledge receipt of any notification of an error or discrepancy and will advise the other party as soon as practicable in order to resolve the discrepancy. The information and services on www.apartmentservice.com are made available and on the understanding that you agree not to use the site for any purpose that is unlawful in relation to applicable laws or regulations or immoral. You further agree that you indemnify www.apartmentservice.com for any loss or damage or costs for incorrect use of the site or any breach of conditions mentioned herein.
Customer Terms
‘Customers’ understand and agree that: 1. By using the website, they agree to the terms of use of the site and further understand and accept that a Reservations are contractual and legally binding agreements between the Customer and the Provider. 2. Reservation Confirmation advices will advise of any cancellation terms and charges applied by the Provider in the event that the reservation is cancelled. 3. The Reservation Confirmation advices and any subsequent amendment advices should be read and checked carefully and in particular regarding costs incurred for any changes to or cancellation of the reservation. 4. In proceeding with a reservation the Customer confirms that they have read and understood the implications of any cancellation or charges or fees made by the Provider or TAS. Customers also note that the changing of details, such as arrival or departure dates or extra persons for instance, may incur a change to the rate initially booked but that these costs (unknown at the time of booking) cannot be advised at the time of booking. The Customer has the option to cancel their reservation subject to the terms advised if the amended terms or rates are not acceptable to them. 5. Amendments to all reservations will be made by contacting The Apartment Service and confirmation notices of any amendments and resulting charges will be provided as soon as practically possible after the changes and costs have been confirmed with the Provider. 6. All cancellations must be made by contacting The Apartment Service in writing and confirmation notices will be sent as soon as practically possible after checking if any charges are to be made by the Provider. Cancellation charges will be notified in all cases. 7. In all cases an administration charge of £25.00 plus VAT will be made by The Apartment Service for all cancellations or amendments.
Provider Terms
‘Providers’ agree that 1. They offer and provide details & information of their properties to visitors to the TAS website and in TAS’s affiliate programmes at their own discretion. 2. The correctness of any information is solely in their control and that they will not make any vague, incorrect or misleading statements regarding their offerings. 3. They represent and warrant that they have ownership or are a valid licensee of the copyright of the content and information described in the ‘Provider’ definitions above. 4. TAS makes available tools for Providers to create and manage their web pages, participate in marketing initiatives, create a booking engine for both online bookings and for request booking business but that the content is the sole responsibility of the Provider in respect to accuracy and descriptions provided. 5. They agree to use their best efforts to resolve disputes where incorrect or inaccurate information provided by them has caused a loss or expense to any Customer. 6. They will also advise the Customer of the correct information and compensate the Customer for any shortfall to the extent of the inaccuracy and make every effort to provide or rectify any dispute. 7. Any amendment or update of information from time to time will not negate an error caused by incorrect information previously provided.
Rights Reserved
All user names and passwords remain the property of TAS and may be cancelled or suspended without any notice or any liability to you or any other person. TAS has sole discretion to refuse or remove any content that is available via the service and we may, but have no obligation to, remove content and content that we determine in our sole discretion that is unlawful, libellous, immoral, defamatory, misleading, pornographic, obscene or unacceptable. TAS does not warrant that the operation of the website will be uninterrupted or free or errors or omissions. See also our Privacy Policy Vr. June 2009
Accessibility Statement
Our company operates in accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and the Equality Act 2010 and, as such, we encourage all prospective guests to talk to us about any special accommodation requirements they may have. We will be pleased to discuss our most appropriate accommodation solutions with the aim of making all guests' stay as comfortable as possible.