Grading System

The Internationally accepted standard classification is by ‘stars’ but in the absence of a truly international grading service, we have classified our own apartment standards into the three main categories below. Don’t forget that serviced apartments are like a ‘home away from home’ – many grading systems focus on the serviced element provided and facilities such as restaurants & lounge areas, so if you want these, then make sure to look out for the deluxe category rating. As a guide, Serviced Apartments typically cost substantially less for the same quality than an equivalent hotel partly because stays are usually longer but also there are frequently no public areas or restaurants to pay for. Staffing levels are also lower. All our apartments have kitchens and offer substantially more space than an equivalent hotel. Unless you find a studio apartment type category, our serviced apartments all have private lounge areas within the apartment. Please also make sure to check the individual property cancellation policy to ensure it meets the flexibility and terms you need.
  • Standard – Quality, ‘corporate friendly’ accommodation where additional comforts and services are not essential – i.e. middle of the road standards but at a reasonable rate.
  • Superior – That bit extra in comfort and style typically with better quality equipment than standard category and sometimes as good as deluxe, albeit without the service levels. Ideal for those who want better quality but not paying too much.
  • Deluxe – As the description says, here you can find the highest standards in equipment, furnishings and service. Typically Deluxe properties have a fully manned reception desk with staff on site to attend to your every need.